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Daybreak Classic Glazed Donut

Classic Glaze Donut

Our secret recipe provides the perfect balance of a crispy outside with a fluffy and moist inside. The glaze is a heavenly blend of sweet vanilla and creme. This truly is the wolds best donut.

$ 3.33 each, must order 6 or more

daybreak donut donut hole

Donut Holes

Our donuts are big, and so are their holes! Get them frosted of smothered in our classic glaze. Our butter cream frosting consist of butter, milk, and sugar with a splash of vanilla. These make the perfect treat for gatherings with lots of people.

$ 19.99 for a box of 25

You Order. We Deliver.

Exclusive to the Daybreak Community

Just call or text your order. We make your gourmet donuts from scratch when you order them, so you get fresh donuts every time.  We box your donuts and deliver them when and where you want them within the Daybreak. These are truly the best donuts delivered to your door.